Personal Loans

N2 Funding & Investment has the capital solution that you need when seeking funds for your personal use. Maybe you need to just get caught up on some bills or maybe you need construction funds for a remodeling project.  Whatever your needs are, gap funding solutions from our company could be the perfect solution for you. With N2 Funding & Investment, you have an excellent chance of getting approved for precisely the funding you need.  By completing the Funding QuickApp below, we can pre-qualify you for a Personal Loan / Gap Funding. Once you’ve been pre-qualified, one of our courteous Account Executives will reach out to you to discuss any potential concerns or questions you may have or to proceed with your full application to obtain formal approvals!

Attn: Business Owners / Real Estate Investors

Secure Capital Today with Personal Unsecured Funding

  • 5 Minute Application
  • Minimum FICO 650
  • W2 Income Required ( Min. income $27,000 a year)
  • Self Employed: LLC, S-Corp ( Min. Income $50K Gross, $30K AGI)
  • 100% Unsecured Capital – NO LIENS, NO COLLATERAL
  • Unlimited and Unrestricted Use of funds: EMD, Down Payment, Rehab, Working Capital, etc.
  • 100% Credit based (Personal Loan)
  • The maximum loan amount up to 2x your W-2 annual income
  • $0.00 fees prior to funding
  • No Pre Payment Penalties – Pay off your loan when you choose
  • Funding – We can fund W-2 Employed, Pension/Retirement 1099R, SSI/SSDI (Not available for self-employed at this time).
  • Maintain 100% of your equity

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